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The eldest, Ammon, is only six but he’s already very thoughtful and considerate.

He’s a little bit more wary, whereas Gunnar goes at life head-first, and Henry, our two-year-old, is a combination of the two.

So I started reading the Book of Mormon, and I was just like, this is it.

I’m so thankful to be a convert because the emotions I get from the Book of Mormon and the experiences I have are so new.

It's a star-studded week on the Dana & Jayson show, as this morning we invited Brandon Flowers from The Killers to give us a call to talk about the band, new music, and everything else going on in The Killers universe. Just really hard for me to say OK you know these aren't doing the same thing as these guys who are idolize had posters of law.

The killers all these things and I've done it's Jane and Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative and so pumped to have Brandon Flowers from the killers on the followed us right now and it's so interesting invulnerable to say that you said you dating give yourself permission to be the front man of the killers up until just recently. Yeah just I'm you know I'm a bigger of a fan and I think a lot of people down there where you know a huge down the other band.

“THIS is me and my son Gunnar, who is four, and it’s great that the photographer managed to capture a rare, if unconventional, moment of affection.

I wanted to spell his name ‘Gunner’ but my wife Tana made us go with ‘ar’ at the end to soften it a little bit. He’s the least affectionate of the three and when he does show affection, it’s kind of aggressive.

Brandon was in a band with The Killers’ guitarist when we met.

I think you know there's that there are a lot different just that question I think we've always been really proud and wanted to represent a lot say yes.

I'm also proud of how we have sort of been able to hold onto a lot of traditions.

He played six seasons for the Chiefs, making his lone Pro Bowl appearance in 2013.

The Virginia Tech product was college teammates with Kam Chancellor, Tyrod Taylor and Eddie Royal, among other NFL standouts.

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