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And yet, during the show's initial ascent into the pop-culture stratosphere, Schwartz had no idea what the fuck he was doing."I had never done it before," Schwartz told MTV News at the 2016 ATX Television Festival in Austin earlier this month. There wasn't a lot of time to think about how in-over-our-heads we probably were, but [executive producer] Stephanie [Savage] did tell me when the show got ordered, 'This is going to change your life, and you are going to come out of this experience a different person than you are going into it.' That was the first time I was terrified." Schwartz met Savage during a general meeting at prolific producer Mc G's offices in Los Angeles.C.”Immediate Concerns Hart of Dixie: Schwartz’s sensibilities are decidedly coastal: Chuck and—obviously—The O. both take place in Southern California, while Gossip Girl is set in a frequently implausible simulacrum of Manhattan. Georgetown: We don’t recall very many young people, even the moneyed ones, living in Georgetown. Georgetown: Will Fetters, screenwriter of last year’s Rob Pattinson vehicle, Remember Me. And besides, during the finale — two months ago — creator Leila Gerstein took to Twitter to say that she "would have gone 17 years." Talk about a spoiler alert. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the creative minds behind the hit CW series, have reportedly signed to produce a film adaptation of the Anna Godbersen-written young adult novel , a 19th century class drama which focuses on four teens in New York which "features conflicts between old money and new money, the upper and lower class, and star-crossed lovers." Apparently, they'll be partnering with Leslie Borgenstein and Bob Levy, and have tapped Ben Wohl to write the script, which they hope will be sort of a younger -esque music-driven story! We think adolescents will probably eat this kind of story up! Health officials have also confirmed one death, with at least 20 more injuries as of right now.

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Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt." For many, the show's incandescent first season remains unparalleled.

Later she graduated from University of Western Sydney.

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Although Strahovski was born in Sydney, her parents had originally migrated from Poland.

She was interested in the field of arts from an early age although her parents were from technical background. Her father was an Electronic Engineer and her mother was a lab technician. The name of her high school was Santa Sabina College.

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