Training exercises teen dating violence

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While most people are able to recognize an abusive relationship when it involves physical violence, relationships involving psychological or emotional abuse are more subtle, but no less destructive.

If allowed to continue, these behaviors can escalate to include more physically dangerous abuse over time.

This is a research based curriculum that has been shown to have powerful long term outcomes.

It expresses success in both the areas of prevention and intervention with the prevalent issue of teen dating abuse; and research has shown that teens that participate in the program have shown 56-92% less dating abuse victimization and perpetration than teens that have not been involved in the curriculum.

Research has found that one in three teens report threats of physical abuse or sexual abuse and 43% of teen dating abuse victims reported that the dating abuse they experienced occurred in a school building or on school grounds. Teen Program is a New Orleans Family Justice Center Teen Initiative dedicated to raising awareness and preventing teen dating abuse in the metropolitan New Orleans area with a holistic approach.

are experiencing high levels of abuse in their dating relationships.

Teen dating violence is domestic violence that occurs when one person in an intimate relationship – involving at least one teen-ager – exercises power and control over the other through a pattern of intentional behaviors, including psychological, emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Abuse in a relationship is about power and control, no matter what the age is of the victim or the abuser.

Most abusers grew up in a home where they experienced and/or witnessed abuse.

The curriculum is can be taught as a one-session, ten-session, or six-session model both which include fifty minute sessions: Each session will provide detailed information for the students as well as activities for them to participate in throughout the presentation.

The sessions are set up in a way that each one builds upon the one before it.

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