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From June 2006 to August 2009 we had close to 100 guests, some of whom went on to become the shit, or at least some of the shit: Drake, Nina Dobrev, Laila Ali. We once even broadcast a live episode with over a dozen guests at multiple simultaneous locations within the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, all using just a couple of flip phones.

Fans have off-and-on over the last three years asked me if there was a place for them to hear all of the episodes. I tried to be careful putting together this archive, but doubtlessly I messed something up, so please tell me if you find it or have any suggestions for improvement.

One example was in 2004, in which one episode received just under a million viewers in Canada, and over half a million viewers in the US.

In recent seasons, however, viewing figures have begun to drop.

The-Mary was head writer and blogger for, beloved by the army of teen girls that comprised our audience.

There were special Behind the Scenes promos, teasing us about Craig’s return and stuff like that.Like its predecessors, Degrassi: The Next Generation followed a group of students at Degrassi Community School who face various challenges of teenage life, from personal issues, such as as poor self image and sexual identity, to social issues like peer pressure, bullying, and teen pregnancy.The series was created by Linda Schuyler and Yan Moore, and is produced by Epitome Pictures in association with CTV. (And Reintroduction)Most Notable Reviews The Kerwin Empire Season One The Golden Age of Michalchuk Season Two Season Three Season Four The Kevin Smith Reformation Season Five Season Six The Lakehurstrian Era Season Seven The Clare-volution Season Eight Season Nine Character Tags Degrassi Love Map Precious Moments Living in the Future!Canada Day Shout-Out Character Reviews Sean's Daddy Issues Showcase the Trauma I Hate Ashley Kerwin Lakehurst Kids are Trouble The Ballad of Jimmy and Spinner Emma's Outrage What if Jimmy was "The Gay One"?

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