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And, “people were getting called ‘dumb sluts’ left and right.” At first, as salespeople started reading, the talk continued, but then the account managers noticed who was joining and began to flee.

The fight-or-flight impulse was not particularly useful here: They could make the channel disappear from their own view of Slack, but running away did nothing to delete its history.

“It was eight account managers, and it was pretty much dedicated to just bashing everybody in sales, from the top, top people, all the way down.” Within two hours, word had spread to the entire sales team, which spent a Friday afternoon reading the channel’s history start to finish.

“There was some borderline racist stuff,” she remembers.

Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology, and is fascinated by what happens next.As Netflix shared its architecture publicly, Cockcroft became a regular speaker at conferences and executive summits, and he created and led the Netflix open source program.In 2014, he joined VC firm Battery Ventures, promoting new ideas around Dev Ops, microservices, cloud and containers, and moved into his current role at AWS in October 2016.Laura works in ad sales at a well-known tech company.Her office uses Slack, which is likely either as integral to your workday as email or you have never heard of it before.

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