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You can read Today we have a blended family of four.Not long ago, I had a household of 2 - just my daughter and me.If you live with one parent, you know that a lot of other kids do, too.More than 20 million kids in the United States live with one parent.James Roland is the editor of a monthly health publication that has approximately 75,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Emotions all by themselves aren't either good or bad. Because living with one parent can sometimes be stressful, it can help to talk about it.Kids may at times resent having to grow up a little faster, which means it's especially important for their single parents to make sure their children still enjoy some of the typical parts of childhood, whether it's youth sports, summer camp, or the other fun parts of school and friends.In a Psychology Today blog from January 2009, author and social psychologist Bella De Paulo, Ph.A report from the University of Florida Extension Office notes that one of the major psychological effects of living in a single-parent family is a greater sense of responsibility.Children tend to assume responsibilities at home and learn to appreciate the sacrifices and effort made by the single parent with whom they live.

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