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Yet a new study from an international team of security researchers has concluded that some of the world’s most popular torrent clients can open you up to a completely different sort of legal problem: one in which your computer is made part of a criminal attack without your consent.

The vulnerability lets hackers exponentially increase the traffic load on targets, and is thought to affect u Torrent, Vuze, Bit Torrent’s own BTSync, and more.

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Users of Torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay are seeing their final days of free TV and films in the UK.

Internet Providers have tried to cut off users from these sites before by blocking their IP addresses.

But proxy sites and VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) have given Torrent users easy routes around these blocks.

At issue are the Micro Transport Protocol (u TP), BTSync, Distributed Hash Table (DHT), Message Stream Encryption (MSE) protocols; according to the report, “with a single BTSync ping message an attacker and amplify the traffic up to 120 times.” Bit Torrent has been alerted to the problem, and as of this writing it has released partial patches for some software.

In concept, Bit Torrent works by coordinating many connections between many people, allowing distributed swarm downloading that’s both super fast and super reliable, in the aggregate.

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