Updating component registration

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Installer creates some file system directories under the Oracle instance directory.

Some of the pathnames it creates are are specific to the component name.

Publishing product information 1: Action : unziptools. Rolling back action: Rollback: Extracting Installer Rollback: Publishing product information Rollback: Publishing product features Rollback: Registering product Rollback: Registering user Rollback: Writing system registry values Rollback: Copying new files Rollback: Creating folders Rollback: Removing files Rollback: Removing ODBC components Rollback: Updating component registration Action ended : INSTALL.

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In each of the cases I have seen so far, there are entries in this section like the following: There are a couple of problems that cause this issue.Since I posted the instructions for gathering setup log files for Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005 and asked folks to send the logs to me, I have gotten several sets of logs.I'm still looking through some of the issues to try to figure them out (and I apologize for the slow replies to those of you who have not heard back from me yet).There is one issue that I've now seen on multiple customer machines that I wanted to post a workaround for in case anyone else runs into it in the future.The machines I have seen that have had these problems so far have had errors logged in %windir%\

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