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I was on a six-week secondment to our Manchester office and friends had invited me to tag along on a Speed Dating evening which they had attended on a couple of occasions.

Despite their protestations to the contrary, I had always doubted their motives for going to these events.

I’m currently teaching a Simpson Colloquium course, and my students are working on their first paper assignment.

I wanted to spend a little time in class making sure they were on the right track with their thesis statements.

Every Sheffield singles event is different, sometimes you meet new friends and sometimes you find your love.

Whatever the outcome, it’s always a fun night out with plenty of flirt chat.

When revising a paper, a second pair of eyes is always useful. By utilizing a range of peer review technologies, your students get to play teacher for each other — and for themselves.

Partners change frequently and in quick succession.

That puts the responsibility on the writer for deciding what changes to make.

I think it also reduces pressure on the reviewers; it is less intimidating to share personal responses than to give advice.

By actively engaging in the process of game design, students will have to think through their intentions and the process of piecing together visual, aural, and verbal rhetoric.

This lesson plan is designed to get students thinking about the real and intended audiences of web texts by analyzing publication venues and comment replies.

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