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The three girls who received the fewest votes were Chyna, Danielle and Tyla - with Chyna left in tears when she was told she was the least popular, and to be immediately dumped from the island.

However in a cruel twist, it was then revealed that Marcel was voted the most popular boy, and had to choose to save either Danielle and Tyla.

Nathan was voted out immediately following the public poll, while Montana was dramatically made to choose between long-standing contestant Jonny, or Camilla's latest love interest Craig.

Valentine's Day: its aisles of cards, its pressure to couple up.... He lost her two years ago but now, in tribute, has a brisk business selling her "c Harissa." (If you're short a Valentine's gift, find it at ) He also intends to put his share of the earnings into a foundation in Gloria's name. ' I don't really trust words: Anyone can say something, but it takes a real commitment to And on the subject of love: Let's spread it.

Montana obviously isn't the only islander to get jiggy so far – Amber and Kem have been at it like rabbits (which her mum is chuffed about) and Jess and Dom were one of the first couples to go all the way., Montana's mum Sarah Brown, 51, explained: "A mum doesn't really want to be involved in that side of her daughter's life so I would rather not have seen that."She has a lot of integrity and high standards.

Usually Montana is laid back when she meets somebody and will take her time and obviously she hasn't."It has been an interesting version of Montana, which isn't really her.

When she likes somebody, she likes them, but wouldn't normally go head-first in. I love her and I like her as a person."Elsewhere on the show, previous Love Islanders 'Muggy' Mike and cheeky Geordie Sam returned to the villa and Chris and Olivia split up yet again.

Everything seems to be fast-tracked."The thing with Alex has been an interesting twist and not necessarily what she would normally be like."I presume being in a pressurised environment means the reality is different. I think it must be quite choreographed and I know they are directed, so what you see is not always the reality."A spokesperson for the show told Digital Spy: "We follow the islanders' relationships, we do not direct them."Nevertheless Montana's mum still loves her daughter and thinks she's done incredibly well during the dating show. The show has also announced when it'll actually finish and it's devastatingly soon.

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