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Play online for free now on Pacthesis Games - official home to romantic dating games. Kingdom Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation for girls! This game may not be distributed or place in other sites other than and New cast of Love Dating Sim II is seen here at *hugs* EDIT: I have refixed the glitches, bugs, and the main menu's interface.

At the end where you can choose a partner, I chose all of them to see what would happen. I have 0 programming or art skill so this is really good! She’s an artist on Deviant ART who creates flash games, among other things.I loved it so much that of course I immediately played most of the others. To replenish your HP, you go to sleep and start another day. And most of the others have some aspect of stats building like charm, talent, wit, stuff like that.If the conversation with the girl is successful, the player character is given a secret code to write down for the girl. At the end of the game, the player character must choose who to buy a gift for--the gift determines who the player character will end with.

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