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Please email [email protected] the email address registered to your Sw CPoker account.An automated response will give you further directions.(You can read up on FICO scores here.) So, if maintaining or improving your credit score is your top priority, it could be better to leave the old credit card open and allow your score to rise over time.Credit Utilization Is Key" data-reactid="29"Revolving utilization refers to the amount of your credit card limits that you're currently using.These assign negative or positive values to all the entries in your file, weighted according to their recency and significance, and are designed to provide the best possible indicator of your likely ability, readiness and willingness to handle future credit well. In fact, in 2013, the Federal Trade Commission reported that one in four consumers in a study had found errors in their credit reports that were sufficiently serious to materially affect their scores. It's vital that you check your report and score regularly -- at least annually -- for errors.

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If you had a balance on Sw CPoker at the time of the August 1st snapshot, you now have the ability to claim an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Long-held accounts, like a credit card with a history of on-time payments, could be something you want to keep on your report indefinitely, since having a positive payment track record is one of the key factors creditors use to determine whether or not you're a credit risk.

FICO scores here.) So, if maintaining or improving your credit score is your top priority, it could be better to leave the old credit card open and allow your score to rise over time." data-reactid="28"Plus, credit history, in general, accounts for about 15% of a FICO score.

We don't perform any credit checks, merely an ID and residency check which we can usually do instantly when you apply.

We don't usually need you to send any ID or proof of address, so apply today.

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