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Expanding production to fulfill further infrastructure and expansion in the Prince Rupert Port and nearby area (ie.Grassy Point) and the construction sites of the LNG plants, terminals, pipelines, etc.Features include a living room type seating area for relaxing or small group discussions.Normally set up for seating 50 worshippers in upholstered chairs.Can be used as a game area (ping-pong), or as a social gathering area prior to meals. Features plush sofas for breakout sessions, small conference table and chairs. Can seat from 45 – 110 conferees depending upon seating configuration.It can also serve as an overflow seating area for large groups. Features include comfortable upholstered conference chairs for presentations, four tables seating four persons each for small group activities, and 14 comfortable chairs around the perimeter with coffee tables and reading lamps for individual study or informal conversation.The Main Conference room is well equipped with audio-visual electronics, Power Point capabilities, large whiteboard, lectern, etc.

"Air contaminant source project" means the installation or modification of one or more air contaminant sources (and any structures associated with such installations or modifications), all of which results from a discrete production goal or objective.This helicopter-specific PVT's portability and integrated data acquisition and storage system enables daily field monitoring of the performance of individual helicopter pilots.The inclusion of a simultaneous foot-operated tracking task ensures divided attention for helicopter pilots as the movement ...Seats normally 65 – 70 with tables of 4 and 6 persons.Dining room is capable of accommodating up to 130 with additional folding tables and stack chairs available.

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