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Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford After 21 years of service with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Captain Mike Ford retired last September from a job he loved.

When we asked him why, he said, Retired Captain Mike Ford, by his account and according to public records, served the Lake County Sheriff’s Department honorably for more than two decades with promotions from Deputy, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, and, for the last five years of his career he served as Captain. understands this is an election year, and the Sheriff’s race between Sheriff Gary Borders and Captain Sandy Carpenter is going to be very contentious with a lot of mud being slung in all directions.

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Plus if I upgrade to a new phone, I will lose my unlimited data.

In this week's column, I discuss whether I think AT&T will keep the Unlicensed Mobile Access Wi-Fi calling feature that T-Mobile offers on some of its smartphones.

It is based in the Verizon Building in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

The company’s name is a combination of Latin (truth) and “horizon.” Verizon was originally formed in 1983 as Bell Atlantic Corp by AT&T Corp as part of the AT&T breakup into seven “Baby Bells” (AT&T popularly having been called “Ma Bell”) following an anti-trust ruling against AT&T.

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When Retired Captain Mike Ford came forward to us to discuss the Sheriff’s Office, and we found out that he had a long history with Sheriff Borders dating back to a time when Borders was a Major in charge of the jail, his comments and concerns held a higher degree of veracity.Classmates Online Clear Space Click 2 Asia Click and Buy.Verizon Communications, Inc is an international broadband and tele­communications company.AT&T, Inc is the largest provider of landline telephony in the USA, and also provides broadband and subscription television services.AT&T is also the second largest provider of mobile telephony service in the USA with over 92 million wireless customers; just behind Verizon Wireless.

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