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When these bonds are made and then broken by moving on to another partner, we feel broken. (I wrote an easy-to-follow plan to this kind of prayer and counseling in ) Incidentally, if you're having sex with your fiancé right now, this is a good time to examine God's boundary for it. You can't be "almost married" or "a little married." You're either married or you're not.

Visit with your pastor, make a new commitment to wait until the wedding day, and in humility and repentance pray about how you have been living outside of God’s best plan. The second most common inhibitor is a result of so many years of waiting.

Prepare your with healing if you have had sex in the past. 1 thing that creates inhibition in the marriage bed, in my counseling experience, is a heart broken by sexual sin. Let me introduce you to the female sexual super glue: oxytocin.

Sexual activity creates a soul tie between you and the person you've had sex with (1 Corinthians -17). Joseph Mc Ilhaney of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health says that this is not just figurative, but the cocktail of chemicals mixed in the brain during sex creates a strong emotional bond between partners. It's released in the brain when a woman climaxes sexually.

"God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them."1 From the very first moment of the life of the human race, God has loved his people.

God loves us not only as a human race, but he loves each of us as an individual, as his own unique creation.

For although the flesh is continuously lusting against the spirit, and repression and self-denial are necessary to control the animal passions, it would be an error to measure a man's virtue by the extent and character of his bodily penances.

Last week I received the news that at the age of 21, she died in a car accident.Whether we be a man or a woman, God has a plan for each of our lives.For many, that plan includes the joining of man and woman in the sacramental bond of marriage.In what seems like a lifetime ago, I used to work as a youth minister for a Church.In my last few years there I had a girl in youth group, shy with braces, who was pushed by her parents to attend with her sister and step-sister.

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