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Oh, and she wants THAT pooch to come along for the ride.

After much costly dithering, Victoria Principal has finally settled on the design for the space suit she will don when she becomes one of the first celebrities to be launched into space.

Although Hung didn’t make it to Hollywood with his knockout performance, the Chinese singer got more than 2 million views on You Tube.

In 2004, Hung released his first album but in 2011 decided to take a different path as he began working for the Los Angeles Police Department as a technical crime analyst.

In fact, according to, one of the world's most swaggering lady-killers, Mick Jagger, was totally called out by his band-mate Keith Richards for having a "tiny dodger." (That would be slang for a "small penis," for those of us not fluent in Cockney.)Surprisingly, Mick isn't the only guy in Hollywood walking around with a small penis (yep, plenty of small penises to go 'round).

While Alyssa has greatly improved since the filming of the show, she is still in treatment at the Roger’s Memorial Hospital for her OCD. The reality dating show depicted a house full of girls all fighting for Flavor’s heart, which if you haven’t seen, was quite the sight.When Sonja refused to drop the topic, Dorinda unleashed her rage. You fool.” Bethenny then spoke for viewers everywhere when she joked, “I don’t know what [clip] means.“It’s b******t, so stop with this b******t,” she yelled as Luann D’Agostino tried to shush her. I guess it means shut your f*****g mouth.” Suddenly, Dorinda calmed down and said all she wanted was to be friends with Sonja. “Just because someone lives with you, it doesn’t give you the authority to tell them how to run their life,” the fired up Dorinda continued.Whether it’s your viewing entertainment of choice or your secret guilty pleasure, there’s no denying that reality TV has taken over many major networks.Reality TV has even taken over pop culture as some of the most famous stars actually got their start on reality television.

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