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WITH Contributions to the Genealogies or some New Y^ork and Pennsylvania Families. D., In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. Financial circumstances, also, have contributed largely towards delay, and towards certain imperfections in in the work itself; and I have frequently felt discouraged and ashamed at the way in which my hands seemed to be tied, in the matter of advancing it to completion. et Admissionibus Liberorum, vizi, decimo " Die Aprilis Anno Begni Begis Caroli Anglice &c, Octavo, In cujus Bei Testimonium Sigil- "lum officii Camerarii Civitatis prcedritae prcesentibus est appensum Bat. John" Stiles and Francis Stiles brought Wives with them out of England : and the Wife of John was the first Person that stej)t ashore at Conneetieutt when the Plantation beorrn in 1636.* Governor Woolcott of Windsor in 1764 told me he was in the Eighty seventh year of his Age. In the church windows are the arms of the Fanhopes, with the garter. The parish has been inclosed by an Act of Parliament passed in 1795, when a small allotment of land was given to the rector, who was farther compen- sated by a corn-rent, charged on lands allotted to the Earl of Ossory, who is patron of the rectory. Thomas, the youngest of the family, and apparently an husbandman by occupation, was the only one left in Milbrooke, as appears by his letter (p. Of the sis- ters, Joan and Elizabeth, we have no knowledge ; they were probably married, or residing in London with some of their brothers. as follows : "Lydea Gilburt, thou art herein indited by that name of Lydea ( rill) nit, that, not having the feare of God before thine eyes, thou hast of late yeares, or still dost give Entertainment to Sathat[an], the great Enemy of God, and mankinde, and by his helpe hast killed the body of Henry Styles, besides other witchcrafts, for which, according to the law of God, and the Established law of this Com- monwealth, thou deservest to dye." The charge to the Grand Jury* preceding the record of Lydia Gilbert's indictment is: " You shall swear by the ever-liuing God that you will dili- gently enquire and faithfully present to this court whatsoever you Whether the court at which sh*- was iiid was the first Thursdayof September 1654, or Nov. Ivieft, in 1645), as one of the twenty- one original patentees of that town.

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Approximately 48 hours after I had downloaded Tinder, my phone buzzed in the dead of night. Devika*, a Mumbai-based advertising professional, was passing through Kolkata and was booked on a flight the next morning. It turns out, that wasn’t a picture of his to begin with. His wife, he later said, just wasn’t interested in sex.” I assured the 35-year-old that if I had to choose a fake picture for myself, I’d pick someone with a far richer crop of hair. And promised to party together when in the city next.

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Of Jesy's new romance, a source told The Sun: 'Jesy looked very happy with Harry - they were completely smitten with each other, giggling and taking photos as they tried on different sunglasses.'They have a lot in common with Harry also in the music industry - he’s definitely Jesy’s type.

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