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The trio will join 21 other celebs in a new series dedicated to hooking them up with civilian dates. Robert Nettles, Taylor Hicks, Mike Sorrentino, Rob Gronkowski and Steven Lopez.“What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format,” the network’s alternative series president Mike Darnell told. The women will be represented by Electra, Hope Dworaczyk, Rima Fakih and Sophie Monk.Today’s cool fact of the day is that the Japanese snow monkey washes it’s food in sea water, actually preferentially over fresh water.They do this to clean their food the way a raccoon does, but they also like to enhance the flavor with salt.You can also ask your questions and engage with other listeners through The Bulletproof Forum, Twitter, and Facebook!Click here to download a PDF version of this transcript Dave: Hey everyone, it’s Dave Asprey with Bulletproof Radio.

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It was when she was in an audition for his song, “Whip Appeal”.

Till now, she has produced several films and TV series. The same year, she also served as executive producer for the movie, “Hav Plenty.” Then in 1999, she produced the crime teen drama film, “Light it Up.” In 2000, she also served as producer for “Punks.” Afterward, she entered into TV shows industry.

Remember last month when Deion Sanders' estranged wife Pilar named Tracey Edmonds as one of the reason she and her husband were on the outs?

Tracey denied she was his mistress and responded as if nothing was going on--as she said she and Deion had just met on a business level a couple months prior.

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