Xbox updating slow

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Please take a second to Click here to register and in a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy all the many features of our fine community. You can dismiss this message by clicking the X in the top right corner.within the Xbox One Hardware and Accessories forums, part of the Xbox One Forums category; Hi All, Firstly a quick introduction: My name is Andrew as you have probably guessed and I live in UK running Xbox One via 300 ...If none of the steps listed below help, you may be able to find more helpful information on the Xbox One Support Site.-Install from Disk-Digital Install-Redeem a Code-Install a Missing DLC-Game Freezes and Crashes-Network Test-Slow Downloads-Redownload the Game-Physically Power Cycle the Console1. A notification will announce the installation process3. If updates are available, the player will be asked what to do4. Wait for the download to complete The download process will show inside the store, as well as under My games & Apps. I have Xfinity Blast Pro so it's not my connection (just tested the speed and it's 155.03 Mbps down and 10.98 Mbps up). At this rate, I should be able to play tomorrow or Sunday.On a side not, I wonder if this is intentional so you'll pre-download the digital copy in the future? Creating parties and accessing my friends list can take forever sometimes. Big changes are on the way to the Xbox One user interface. There’s still no word, but I would be shocked if it doesn’t make the cut.

I chose update (which is a mistake) and now it's taking forever to load because it's not installing from the disc, but the Network (1.83 GB out of 45.85 GB took 30 minutes).

This You Tube video from Xbox Support describes troubleshooting slow or unresponsive downloads, for example the installation of Overwatch. Go to Settings This step is important to perform if you are unable to patch Overwatch.1.

Clear the local game save ()The times listed next to each line above are to be used in reference with the video in this Xbox One support article.

This support article from the Xbox One Support Site has more info about this.

I’ll give Microsoft some credit for the continuous updates to try and address certain areas and add new features. More than 90,000 fans have voted for Red Dead Redemption to be playable on Xbox One.

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