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Select a yellow or red map by clicking on the icon.

In the case of a red map, the activation wizard will launch and direct you to Mio's website to purchase a product key for the map.

Terms and conditions Your Mio comes pre-installed with the map of the country or region of where you bought it.

Available maps and map updates display in your Mio More Desktop. Every GPS map update from Mio tells you of new roads and changes to old roads, making sure that you always have the best possible route to where you want to go.And once you get there, the updated GPS map lets you find newly opened restaurants, museums and other exciting new places you wouldn’t want to miss.Click “Finish” to close the wizard when the installation completes.Launch the Mio More Desktop application on your computer, and then connect the Mio Moov 500 to your computer with the USB data cable that shipped with the device. The GPS connects and registers to the Mio More software.

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