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In 2007 the show was revamped to boost falling ratings in Australia.

As part of this, the show's focus returned to family dynamics and the character of Bridget and her family were created and introduced.

Wagner had worn the number 13 since his Major League debut in 1995.

Could you imagine seeing your spouse in love with another woman or simulating sex with someone other than you on the big screen?

As such, she was sent regularly to different foster homes, which meant that she rarely had any time to interact with other children her age.

When she was nine or ten, Parker began her life as a thief.

Ryan Seacrest Productions inked a multi-year overall deal with the studio to develop scripted projects exclusively for ABC platforms.

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She arrived in Erinsborough from Sydney with her father and mother, Steve and Miranda.He is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) tall and weighs 185 pounds (84 kg).In 109 at-bats, he compiled a .257 batting average, a .305 on-base percentage, and a .450 slugging percentage.Her foster father always stole her toys from her and said "You need to become a better thief." She blew up his house most likely because she didn't receive adequate living standards wherever she had been living at that point, and attempted to steal in order to get what she wanted or needed.At some point Parker taught her younger brother, Nick, how to ride a bike.

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