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This photograph or image was not taken at or from the Development.

It does not reflect the actual appearance of or view from the Development or any part thereof and may not relate to the Development at all.

In August 2015, it was announced that CNBLUE would release its second studio album after an absence lasting one year and seven months.

Thinking it was a legitimate email, I politely responded that I had specified WA only and that our locations were incompatible.

I immediately emailed B2au customer service and their reply was that I had already had contact with "my matches" (which were all over the continent & NZ) a refund was not possible.

I feel as a pensioner, I have duped into believing this was free. I was under the assumption that the fee for a 6 month period was .95 and I too were billed for 4.00!!!

Their sophomore record, though its music was used throughout the TV series, was full-length and solely performed by 2ge her.

Like the soundtrack, the music was comedic but also satirical of pop song conventions.

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