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You may find it cathartic and you'll be helping others who may also have gone through the same thing, others who believe they're alone in what they went through.

Relationship (or dating) violence is defined as the emotional, physical and/or sexual assault of one partner by the other in a dating relationship where the couple is not living together.

The characters of Ruiz and Orozco address the court, as did their real-life counterparts. Please forgive me - I never meant to harm any of you." As Orozco, Benites stands. "It's not apologetic at all." The director is pleased. But Rivas' play is not about the boy who fired the shot and shattered a girl's heart. "This story haunted me for several years before I actually, like, got the gumption to say, 'Hey, I'm Tlaloc. As always, Dissell - who, along with Plain Dealer photographer Gus Chan, appears as a character in the play - responded with caution.

Ruiz, played by Jason Estremera, gives a short, stilted statement - "Please forgive me for everything I have done. "I wrote a poem for Juan," she says, before launching into her speech. Before rehearsal earlier that day, and in interviews in preceding months as he worked on "Johanna," Rivas explained his process - and his fascination with the story of the girl who refused to be defined by her scars. The real-life drama had all the ingredients the playwright was looking for: Not only did it feature a Latino girl, but it was also set "in Cleveland, in the Midwest, and not in New York or L. It wasn't the first time someone had contacted her wanting to dramatize Orozco's life.

It killed me to hear my sister cry due to the abuse! Relationship Violence Story From Hannah B I am 13 years old a couple of months ago I was sexually assaulted by my ex boyfriend age 14. Relationship Violence Story From Name Undisclosed I am now 18 and it happened 2 or 3 years ago. Relationship Violence Story From Ashley I met him 3 years ago. He was so helpful, sweet, loving, his smile lit up a room, and his eyes had me hypnotized. Relationship Violence Story From Taylor G My boyfriend and I had been dating for about one year and our relationship was not going very well.

( I was going out with him at the time) he held me down. Relationship Violence Story From Haley This is the first time I have ever really talked about it but it still leaves fresh images in my mind. I started going out with this guy who was 2 years older than me. Relationship Violence Story from Ms Anonymous Part 1 I didn't know yet, under what circumstances did the jerk marry me, but I married him for good looks. We were constantly arguing over simple things and always …

Couples include: If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, this is the place to tell your story. Telling what happened to you could help someone else in the same situation, or even better, it could stop someone from getting into the same situation! Share your relationship violence story for the Talk Before Touching® Series, and have it published here.

If you've been involved in a violent intimate partnership, whether it's heterosexual, gay, or lesbian, write what happened and I'll publish your story.

An actor appearing in an alcove on an unfinished set in CPT's Gordon Square Theatre delivers each message. Another is from a bubbly girlfriend, calling about trying on dresses for prom. She has to remember to turn in the proper paperwork for an upcoming dental surgery, one in a seemingly endless succession of operations to repair the skin and teeth and bone blown apart by a shotgun blast.

Johanna: Facing Forward What: A Cleveland Public Theatre production of the world-premiere play written and directed by Tlaloc Rivas. Juan Ruiz, the boy she once loved, had pulled the trigger.

The powerful Delacorte/Random House young adult book, "Die for You" by Amy Fellner Dominy, explores the subtle, insidious danger of mental and emotional abuse in teenage dating.

The novel tells the story of Emma, a high school senior who must decide how much to sacrifice for the boy she thinks she loves.

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