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It managed to get incredibly close to the real Mc Coy, and they were so cute that we now desperately want to steal one and put it in our pond.In a clip from the upcoming second episode, we see one of the bigger otters swimming up to the fake otter out of curiosity.He said: “Starbucks bang on about putting customer service first and it’s obviously not true because they’ve been very blasé about this very serious matter”.

He had already made him the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

A trusted caretaker filmed members of staff using a camera hidden in school toilets for his own sexual kicks.

Pervert Malcolm Banks managed to record two employees at Gosforth Academy, Newcastle, using the secret set-up in January this year.

A Starbucks customer in London was left “shocked and disgusted” after finding a hidden camera above a toilet in a branch of the coffee shop.

Ricci Arcari, 33, was at the Starbucks in Vauxhall when he spotted the device hidden in an air vent directly above the unisex toilet.

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