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The case offers rare access into the court battles over state authorities' secretive efforts to indefinitely confine hundreds of men considered to be the most dangerous sex criminals in New York.In addition to the million per year cost to taxpayers for keeping these sex offenders locked up, the stakes of Laguerre's trial include the many questions legal and mental-health experts have raised about civil rights violations linked to the mental health law.

The circumference of the edge is made to fit inside the vaginal fornix, covering the cervix, and preventing menstrual fluid from entering the vaginal canal.

brutalized a woman in 2003, bludgeoning her into unconsciousness before sodomizing her.

Those details and more will likely reemerge when Laguerre's trial kicks off Monday for his potential release from civil commitment, the little known law that allows for locking up sex offenders beyond their criminal sentences.

In order to End HIV, it’s important that every gay man knows his status and gets tested regularly.

Find the nearest location where you can get tested for HIV using our tool below, and remember: now you can get a rapid HIV test – it’s free, easy, gay-friendly and quick: you get your results in approximately 30 minutes.

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