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It is always a desire to have unique field in Share Point list. It creates a new information policy that allows you to specify a column in a list or library that should have unique values. Sometimes you have to replicate a database table and sometimes it could be a special requirement. Unfortunately on the website there is not enough information on how to use it. Use the following Share Point power shell script to change the seal property of the location column: Replace “yoursite” and “Your Calendar” with your own site address and calendar name.$web = Get-SPWeb $list = $web. To prevent this from happening you should change the default value of the “Activate Event” column to “No” so that attendees will not receive any invitations. You can then base the location column on your custom location column using a Share Point designer workflow that runs when an item is created or changed.

However, if you wish to use a dropdown to select the location, there are 3 possible options to achieve this. Get Field By Internal Name("Location") $my Ass = [Reflection. One without a location and then an update with the correct location.Then choose the SQL Database as you are familiar with. In the bottom specify an ID for the data source; by default it is Sql Data Source1; just choose this name or change it as per you prefer. Figure 5In the Add Connection window, for example the server name is CAMPUSWO-1703D3. Note: For interactions with a database like Create, Read, Update and Delete, you should have prior knowledge of SQL.I will discuss following processes to bind List View Control:1.

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