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But, slowly and steadily, it triumphs - which is only right since it is more essential to the sacred than most of religion itself.Today it is certainly Lawrence's most (in)famous work.U posljednja dva desetljeća povišene temperature atmosfere narušile su reproduktivni život biljaka i životinja, na razne načine.

No need to revisit all that here other than to say that after practicing this for many years, I have discovered that in my mid-50's I am a more erotic person than I was as a college student or when I first married. It inspires, motivates, entertains, and brings fulfillment.It can be a strong thread tying otherwise loose ends of life together in a holistic fashion.For years I have read erotic novels and watched erotic films (both pornographic and artsy).Ferran's Lady Chatterley (which won 2006's top French film honors) actually adapts John Thomas And Lady Jane, the second of three published drafts of Lawrence's classic; in this version, the dialogue is minimalist, virtually all the supporting characters are reduced to vague pieces of scenery, Coullo'ch's gamekeeper is neither foul-mouthed nor given to using guttural patois to emphasize his low status and lack of education, and the dramatic confrontations are all but absent.In other words, it's a dreamy sexual idyll, in which Hands and Coullo'ch scamper naked through the rain and decorate each other with flowers, confined only by their own trepidations and obligations.

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