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So, Goree Island, located a few miles off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean, was the place from which the Europeans and Americans organized the export of slaves to the former British colonies of North America, during the seventeenth and eighteenth, and even after of the official abolition of slavery in the nineteenth century, However, not all slaves collected from present-day Senegal were actually from there: many of them hailed from other African places, having been taken and sold in Senegal ports by the kings and aristocracies of other parts of Africa, as a consequence of tribal clashes, greed, etc...

Since these ports, they are purchased and exported to the Americas.

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In the surveys of 2008, 12,151 people claimed to be of Senegalese origin or descent in the United States.

The Second World War took place from 1939 to 1945 and was fought on several fronts between the Axis powers (mainly Germany and Japan) and the Allied Powers (mainly the Soviet Union, the United States of America and the British Commonwealth).

This war was characterized by the huge number of civilian casualties and the gigantic scale of the theatre of war.

The war ended in 1945 in the advantage of the Allied Powers.

Thus many African Americans may also have some ancestors of this country.

The first people from present-day Senegal arrived in the modern United States arrived as slaves from several slave ports of Senegal.

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