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He spends his days buying up companies on the brink of foreclosure and selling them to the highest bidder. Piper Hollister designs clothing for plus-size women.

On the verge of becoming a household name, Piper vows to do whatever it takes to have her clothing line picked up by the industry’s top sellers—even if it means she herself has to walk the runway on opening night. She makes him stew just long enough before expecting a sincere apology and there they go again.

Dan is later seen asking why Theresa took Alec's case, after putting him away.

In Cheat, Play, Love, Dan and Theresa discover there is mysterious finger prints on Alec's golf bag proving she was framed.

He is related to actor/comedian Adam Sandler and Mark Hamill.

Ethan Sandler is currently married to a famous American actress, Kathryn Hahn, and has two children, a son, and a daughter.

They bump into each other (literally) and for Ethan and Piper the attraction is instant.Ethan graduated from Northwestern University in 2005.Ethan has done many films and television series and can be heard in the 2007 computer animated film- Meet the Robinsons.He doesn't like Ethan dating Sutton due to her 'Lying Games'.Even when Emma unknown to him took Sutton's place, he still didnt trust her and thinks Ethan dating a girl like Sutton is not a good idea.

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