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While it’s unlike us to toot our own horn, since OKCupid’s My Best Face went down, we’ve heard from many ex-users that they’ve found Photofeeler even more useful.

Between 30 seconds and a minute later the ratings will start coming in.Unlike other “rate my photo” sites, Photofeeler lets you control exactly when your pic is viewable, to whom, and for how long. With Photofeeler, you get lots more data to work with.So your face isn’t just floating around on a photo rating website until the end of time. You can get ranked on whether you look attractive, competent, likable, influential, confident, authentic, fun, smart, or trustworthy.Since the dawn of Hot or Not, tons of “rate my pic” or “rate pictures” sites have sprung up online.But how many of these photo rating sites would you actually want to be associated with?

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