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Able seaman was originally entered using the abbreviation AB instead of the more obvious AS in ships' muster books or articles.Such an entry was likely to avoid confusion with ordinary seaman (OS). B., leading to the folk-etymological able-bodied seaman.The term derives from the Arabic, Amir al-Bahr (ruler of the sea).

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The table of geologic time spans, presented here, agrees with the nomenclature, dates and standard color codes set forth by the International Commission on Stratigraphy.The term bus rapid transit has recently come into use to describe bus lines with features to speed their operation.These usually have more characteristics of light rail than rapid transit.A time draft (or bill of exchange) which the drawee (the person or organization, typically a bank, who must pay a draft or bill) has accepted and is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity.Drawee's act in receiving a draft and thus entering into the obligation to pay its value at maturity. In ascending order of seniority: Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral and Admiral of the Fleet (Royal Navy).

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