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When Meridel was ten years old, her mother, Marian "Mary Del" (nee Lucy) Wharton (1877-1954), left Meridel's father, William Winston Wharton, an itinerant Church of Christ minister, taking Meridel and her younger brothers Mac and William Winston II (called Winston) with her.Meridel spent the next years in Perry, Oklahoma, at the home of her grandmother, Mary Antoinette Lucy, a third-generation Puritan, pioneer, and ardent temperance worker.

After anti-socialist vigilantes destroyed the college during World War I, the family fled to St.I’m listening to Mozart right now – not only because I love his music, but because I’m hoping it might improve my spatial skills such as navigating my way around town or deciding which container to use for the amorphous amount of leftover stew.Improve my spatial skills for the next 12 minutes, that is.Since then, K-Pop has come to rival J-Pop in popularity.In August 2010, KARA and Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD, mostly in the Western world) crashed the Japanese charts with their singles "Mister" and "Genie" respectively.

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