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The Navy just put its newest destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, into the sea.

Constructed by General Dynamics with weapons systems and software from other companies, the Zumwalt "DDG-1000" Guided Missile Destroyer is like the i Phone 6 of naval ships.

(WMT) is claiming more of online retail market share, and if Inc.’s (AMZN​) latest price-dropping move is any indication, the e-commerce giant feels threatened. comparable sales increased 1.8 percent, driven by increased traffic.

She’s also an exceptional figure that segues into our next discussion on inner strength – something that others may see as an intimidating aspect of one’s personality.

Conversations that invite intellectual curiosity are welcome with open arms, while small talk is revolting to the utmost.

People with strong personalities are prone to let people know exactly what they think, including about irrelevant questions or other dialogue that accomplishes little to nothing.

These are all aspects of a personality that should determine whether or not one is good/likable or not.

In his handy graph, the X line represents the level of hotness and is measured from 1-10, and Y represents the level of crazy.

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