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We would tell you to think of it like a mix between TMZ and The Drudge Report, but we’re sure you already know that seeing as how there’s a good chance you’re one of the 14 million people who make their way to the site to find out which celeb is cheating on their spouse, peep the latest nude picture leak, or to just see where your favorite celeb is currently eating and with whom. However, unlike other extremely popular websites, the guy behind MTO is relatively unknown.

We know this because since it launched in 2006, Media Take (MTO) has carved out a comfortable niche for itself as one of—if not —premier urban celebrity news website.

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Jesse Williams and I were passionately discussing his new storylines on #greysanatomy and the trashy gossip rags have us on a date.” Gossip Cop couldn’t agree more.

City officials deemed the rally an "unlawful assembly" and state police equipped with riot gear cleared Emancipation Park.

Video of the violence shows brawls, tear gas being used and people holding weapons.

Other celebs have had their penises hit the web, some of which were in states of even higher excitement, shall we say.

Flip through the slideshow above to see Justin's reveal and a dozen other celebrity penises that are very hard...

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