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We got Flo -- real name Stephanie Courtney -- out in Bev Hills Wednesday in civilian wear.

For Courtney, Flo is a collaboration between herself and the writers who created her.

Her real name is Stephanie Courtney, a comedian and actress from Los Angeles who has taken the insurance world by storm.

As Flo she was an overnight hit when Progressive introduced her in 2008.

Flo is not perfect; her hair and makeup, things have slipped through the cracks.

That’s something to watch.”Related: Stars Celebrate International Women’s Day" data-reactid="73"Related: Stars Celebrate International Women’s Day Huffington Post spoke to some media types who offered their salty input, including a retired New York book editor who called her ads “irritating,” a videographer who referred to her as “creepy, weird,” Los Angeles PR professionals who said she was “dorky and unattractive,” and a veteran marketing guru who declared, “Yech, I’d rather watch the (Aflac) duck.” But if Courtney has her way, we’ll be seeing Flo for a long time to come." data-reactid="74"Certainly Flo has her detractors.

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But did you know that you have probably seen her before?In November 2014, Progressive Corporation aired its 100th ad featuring Flo and introduced other members of her family including her mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandfather.All of these characters were also played by Stephanie Courtney, who was reported to have spent about 12 hours doing hair and makeup transitions for the ad.Portrayed by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, the character has developed a fan base on social networks and has become an iconic advertising mascot.The character debuted in 2008 through several television commercials and has since appeared in radio and print advertisements and web banners.

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