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Last week the Do J brought criminal charges against two Brocade Communications Systems executives, while the SEC filed a civil suit against the same two and the CFO.As expected, the charges focused on backdating stock options by doctoring employment documents, neglecting to record the stock-option expense on the company’s books, and misleading investors.A quick examination of the cases against Brocade clearly identifies why backdating is synonymous with fraud, even though no U. The practice involves using hindsight to assign a stock-option contract an earlier date than its actual grant date.

Since then, laws about backdating have gotten stricter.

How I achieved 760 FICO credit score in just over 2 years My credit journey has now lasted for 2 years and 10 months, and I’m in the mood for reflecting on the journey thus far.

I did a lot of research about credit along the way, especially in the first year, to make sure I could achieve the most, credit-wise, in the shortest amount of time.

That means, setting the exercise price of the option lower than the firm’s stock price at the date of grant.

As a result, the granted option will be of higher value to the holders (typically, executives and senior management members).

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