Secrets of dating a married man

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So for you sisters out there that are dealing with a marry man please read. At the end of the day, he goes home to his wife and you sleep alone.

This is my list of how to date someone that is married and keep your sanity and also, how to make him yours! Take things as they come, don’t ever press for answers or change. If someone catches your eye and he is available, go for it. You gain nothing by driving by his house and the like. If you need or want more from a relationship go out and get it.

Never bring up something about you and he in the distant future.

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I didn’t, and still do not, want to be that dumb girl who falls for a taken man.

It shows what it really takes to create a loving and lasting relationship." —John Gray, author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus Marriage and relationships are in crisis.

asks politically incorrect questions about men and women at home—the neglected front in the gender wars." —New York Times"The insights in this book reveal a new and effective way for men and women to understand and appreciate each other.

Lively and entertaining, this broad guidebook provides Haltzman's insights illuminated by anecdotes from his online discussion forum for married men." —Psychology Today"Haltzman . More important, they are extraordinarily well fleshed out and convincingly supported with useful 'to do' lists and a multitude of examples. But this new book is totally different, a whole different way of looking at how to build a successful long-lasting relationship from a man's point of view, men who are happy in their partnerships, who have figured out what works for them in accomplishing the goal of a loving, intimate, lifetime commitment. Scott Haltzman, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University, and founder of has devised a proven method for improving relationships, based on a man's special and unique skills, strengths, powers—as a responsible and motivated worker, manager, leader, problem-solver, partner, husband, and father. Within each of these steps, he provides both specific analysis, guidelines and techniques based on male biology, neuro-science, brain differences, unique developmental stages from youth to seniority.

launches his eight strategies with remarkable vigor. View marriage as your most important task, Haltzman urges men, and pursue success as you would anything else that matters." —Washington Post"Men are good at fixing problems, not talking about them, so Haltzman advises playing to your strength. The breakup and divorce rate remain incredibly high, despite all the couples therapy, afternoon talk shows, and other books in the marketplace, many of which describe men as abusive commitment phobic creeps who'd better change fast or else. They don't approach relationships with the same skills and techniques that women do—and viva la difference. Haltzman therefore lays out eight ways, tasks, proven techniques which men have revealed in confidential correspondence to his highly successful website, including The First Way: Make Your Marriage Your Job, The Second Way: Know Your Wife, The Third Way: Be Home Now, The Fourth Way: Expect Conflict and Deal With It, The Fifth Way: Learn to Listen, The Sixth Way: Aim to Please, The Seventh Way: Understand the Truth About Sex, The Eighth Way: Introduce Yourself, and finally, Celebrate Your Love.

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