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We do our best to protect you at all times, but you gotta help out a bit as well. Lone Wolf bonus mission Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty or higher to play the Lone Wolf bonus mission after the credits end. It has a safe, secure, kids chatroom where you can talk with friends both old and new from all over the world. It is supposed to be fun BUT, there are a few rules. Remember, the chat monitors are tough on rule breakers so take a minute to read this stuff. This means no bugging other people that do not want to talk to you. There are no other safe kids websites so be careful where you surf. This is the big one and is for YOUR safety, which is number one to us. There is no reason to yell in the chatrooms or on the forums. They may be in their own conversation and probably did not notice you - yet. You may meet another interesting kid - remember everyone here is a kid and it is a safe website for kids. Take the time to listen to what people are chatting about so that you can make good comments.If they tell you to stop talking to them, then stop talking to them! Do not discriminate against people who are a different race than you, a different gender than you or different anything than you. Never give anyone your full name, your address or your phone number. Also give people a chance to respond to what you have said.Respect your online friends, in fact, respect everyone, everywhere! You can say you live in a certain city or town, and even a neighbourhood, but DO NOT give out your street address, the name of your school, church, group or team. Remember, we're not really worried about you connecting with other really cool kids that you like. Sometimes it takes people a minute to think of a response and type it out. When there is something being discussed in the chat room - like the latest Beyonce video, don't start talking over everyone about a completely different subject. All of these things will get you booted from the chat room. We make Kidzworld safe and secure for your protection. If people don't talk to you or reply to you right away, just chill.

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Although many zoom lenses boast a macro setting, these are usually less than half life-size magnification – true macro, however, begins with 1:1 and nothing less.Special nameplates Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding nameplate for Multiplayer mode.To activate it, log into, select "Account", "Game Settings", then "Nameplates".A 50-60mm lens is suitable for general macro work but if you want greater subject-to-lens distance a 100mm lens will give you this at a price.For creatures like butterflies and dragonflies, lens-to-subject distance becomes even more important so focal length needs to be greater.

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