Updatepanelanimationextender on updating

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And as far as the user experience is concerned, this page is great.

It delay loads each of the panels instead of waiting until all of the data for all of the panels has been processed before serving the page.

The watermark is intended to provide more information to a user about the Text Box without cluttering up the rest of the page.

the select query is sorted by this column), and that column is of an integer type, the Reorder List can automatically perform reorders if its Sort Order Field property is set.

Reorder List can also be bound to a data source that implements IList (such as Arrays). Rather than extending existing controls on a page, it delivers rich client-side experience directly and still has a traditional postback server model for interaction with an application.

Just recently I started using their analytics web application to learn more about what drives visitors to my site.

One of the pages within the tool is a dashboard screen that displays a handful of different panels, each containing summary information pertaining to the web traffic for my site.

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