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Xmas Song Release Date: Label: Ainoa Productions Oy Cat : AOP-16PR001 Barcode: 6430039012042 Type: single Format: CD Package: cardsleeve 01. Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.Liderados por el carismático Ville Valo, HIM han intentado unificar los riffs del metal más pesado -nunca han escondido su amor por Black Sabbath y Type O Negative-, baladas desesperadas y unos característicos teclados, creando una fórmula que desde el mismo momento de su creación ha sido imitada por bandas de todo el mundo. The 20th anniversary will take place during the weekend of 30.6.-2.7.2017. HIM TO HEADLINE At last have the stars and hearts aligned, and HIM’s first ever Tuska-appearance is finally coming to fruition.Su último álbum, Tears On Tape, fue editado en el año 2013 y para esta nueva gira HIM ofrecerán un repaso a todos los grandes éxitos de su trayectoria, en unas actuaciones que, de nuevo, serán memorables para sus miles de fans. HIM’s Tuska show has been in the works practically the entire existence of the festival.Is about to be published (release date is still unknown, though) a Christmas single called "X-Mas Song", with backing vocals by Ville.Original articles (and press release) HERE and HERE Picture by Mika Jussila The band released today a press statement, announcing there will be no Helldone Festival this year (source: Helldone Festival Dear friends, 1(2)as a band, we had agreed right from the start that the New Year’s shows would be on if, and only if, we have new songs to present you.

Tuska’s and HIM's histories intertwine from the start as some of the most prolific names of the booming Finnish metal scene during the change of the millennium.We strongly feel they deserve more – and so do indeed you! It s'the first song published by the finnish label Love Records in thirty years.HIM REGRESAN DE GIRA EN JUNIO La formación finlandesa regresará en Junio de 2017 a España y Portugal, después de 9 años de su última gira, con fechas en Barcelona, Madrid, Santander y Oporto.It would end up being a forced effort and I can't perform or create like that." HIM has been a band for 23 years, releasing eight studio albums to date, of which their fifth LP, "Dark Light", was certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America), making them the first Finnish rock band to have a gold album in the United States. It showed Ville Valo and Andy Mc Coy at East Sound Studios, working on a mysterious project.

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