Camesex with girls

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Then along came “Sex and the City.” The new working girl was glam, femmed-out to the max in sheer tops, short skirts and stilettos.She was brash, tough (neurotic) and, above all, sexy.To the point: Women are reaching equality as never before. But in the salons where luckier women discuss what women really want, they are reaching the traditional benchmarks of happiness — money and power — and guess what: They’re still not happy.Before you roll your eyes and wake up poor, old, tired Dr. Women aren’t happy precisely because they tried to fit themselves neatly into the male template of what constitutes happiness.Now, however, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the death of the package has been greatly exaggerated.Figures – released, as luck would have it, on the 65th anniversary of the first Mediterranean package holiday – have shown that the number of Britons taking package holidays abroad is rising again, from 15.3 million in 2013 to 15.9 million last year.

Our fight for on-site child care has given way to a tsunami of Third World nannies.

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True, Abta's Sean Tipton thinks that the cause may lie in post-2008 austerity – after all, with operators' economies of scale, they can be cheaper and easier than web-based DIY – but taking another look at packages has allowed us to discover an updated, classier, more flexible holiday experience.

It was never quite clear what feminizing the workplace would mean when women en masse invaded corporate America a generation ago.

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