Dating a girl with no confidence blake shelton dating

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I felt like it was my duty to tell her she was wrong whenever she talked belittling of herself.

Next to that, she asked me if I was enjoying her company 500 times and whenever I complimented her on something, she questioned it.

I don't believe in the line of thinking that no one can love you if you don't love yourself, I think it's based on absolutely nothing and I hate the mentality.

Personally, I'd rather date people who have self esteem problems, cause I do, and I can't relate to people that love themselves. I've been with my boyfriend who has low self esteem for nearly 5 years and I'm still as in love as ever.

Even though a low self-image in itself may not destroy a relationship, still it may lead to undue stress and neediness which in turn may spoil a good thing.

If you get upset because you can't fix her, that's your problem, not hers.

If they act like that, then it must be torture to be with a nice guy.

If I didn't I'd be a hypocrite for wanting someone to date me.

How do you guys deal with those with low self esteem?

Personally to me, there is very few things more unattractive than low esteem and insecurity in a woman.

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