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The singles using this site are looking for someone who can appreciate what they have to offer.

This dating service has been featured on The Dr Phil Show twice, The Richard & Judy Show in the UK and the WB 11 WPIX news.

I can afford a Mercedes, but I choose to drive a VW — and I did not pay the Mercedes price for it.

Not every girl is worth 20% of my income, and no girl will get 20% of my income.

Our new, sparkling website: girls looking for older men is here to help; we’ll help you feel at ease by bringing you into our community of like minded people, all looking to start and enjoy age-gap relationship.

has been online since 2002 and was the first to deliver the concept of matching wealthy singles.Why is it that more and more couples have a greater age gap between them than in years gone by?Well, if you’ve puzzled over this question or, indeed, if you are a girl looking to date older men or sugar daddy, conversely, an older man looking to date younger women, then you’ve certainly come to the right place for some advice and assistance.I find this article helpful but how do I come up with a value for myself? Easy way to figure out is to leave it up to him and if he offers you less tell him thats not going to be enough for u This way u ll always end up getting more than u want to ask for. How does Seeking Arrangement have data the average SB payment?I have no idea how much I would ask for even if I knew my SD’s income. And great thing about it is ur SD will always think u r not a burden because he gives u whatever he decided so u will be a sweet SB for him this way Hey Ash, honestly I would say check up on his annual income then take 15-25% of it and that’s what your sb annual income should be, of course you can divide it however you’d like (weekly, bi weekly, etc) Just a little rule of thumb I used starting out! I’m doubtful that SBs report back their earnings to Seeking Arrangement. K of 0K isn’t just 22% of the SD’s income, it represents 40% of his income after taxes.

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