American woman dating persian man

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Now, perhaps if you were able to get statistics on the numbers of girls who were virgins in each culture, the numbers might be skewed in the direction of the more liberal culture.However, I would also imagine that these statistics would be questionable unless obtained through physical exam since solely self-report would likely yield inaccurate data from the middle-eastern side. “How do they do that, if there’s no bars —“ I started to ask. You can get anything you want.” The female cousin mused: “Iranians are very influenced by American culture. Most educated families allow their children to date.” Thinking of the next thing I took for granted about the country, I asked how Persian men treat their wives. ” he said, feigning spite, and then in a high-pitched voice said, “I love you. You’re the only man for me.” The other man laughed and nodded. In the capital city, in Tehran, it’s like drugs and orgies,” one of the men explained. “Yes well, if everyone drinks so much so much and there’s a lot of drugs…” He explained that since Tehran is so close to Afghanistan, which produces a huge amount of drugs, “Iran is the gateway of drugs to the West. “Well, it depends on the culture of the family;” one of the men explained, “I even know some families where the girls’ boyfriends used to live with them.I have found an acceptance of families by both sides to be of paramount importance in establishing the family as a whole.No one has to agree or relinquish all of their own beliefs to satisfy another.All of us MUST compromise and respect the beliefs of each other to be whole and healthy.If there are individuals among the group who make a harmonious family life impossible, they must be worked around.

Brad Gooch, author of He's a poet of joy and of love.(Elite Daily has reached out to Beyoncé and JAY-Z's reps for confirmation, but did not hear back at the time of publication.)Rumi is a rather unique name with lots of spiritual, historical meanings.Most significantly, it is the name of a famous 13th century Persian poet and “mystic,” Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, known as Rumi for short.We, as parents, have the unique opportunity of picking and choosing the best from both cultures and incorporating them into the traditions of our own familiy units.We can reap from the macro-societies which are Iran and America and utilize these bountiful harvests in the micro sphere of our own homes.

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