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Appendix III Caveats Though there is much documentation of the De Courcy family as described herein, there are some gaps where the certainty of connections is questioned.Baldric or Baudry (the Teuton) settled in Normandy about the year 1000.Others claim there was a surviving son, Miles (Myles Milo) and it was this Miles (or possibly his son of the same name) that became the first Baron Kingsale.There is also a Patrick De Courcy living at this time- possibly a brother or intervening generation.

This theory puts him as a member of the royal court in France, making him a desirable connection for the Duke and Norman families.We have also included a short synopsis of each of the castles, including the history behind them and who they are now owned by.To get the most out of our interactive map, please select the ‘Satellite’ option below; which in our opinion, allows you to more fully appreciate the castle and its defences from above.The latter was beheaded by Offa, King of Mercia in the year 792.Offa had consented to give his daughter to Ethelbert in marriage: why he changed his mind and deprived him of his head historians do not know, although tradition is at no loss to supply him with an adequate motive.

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