Rain dating tae hee

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Korean netizens are completely against the couple for reasons that make no sense to me, something to do with scandal-prone Rain not being good enough for sweet and sensible Kim Tae Hee.

I’m sure she likes him for reasons aside from his peccadilloes, perchance he looks good in a muscle T or worships the ground she walks on, who knows?

Kim Tae-Hee's younger brother Lee Wan is also an actor. Anyways, I would like to thank Joo Won's fans for being SO NICE to KTH. You and Joo Won look awesome together and your chemistry is oozing.

Kim Tae-Hee, known for her beauty, actually grew up as a tough young girl. please continue with what you are doing because for me you are great and don't be bothered with the haters, they are just jealous. I just started watching Korean dramas, and after watching Birth of a Beauty, a friend recommended Stairway to Heaven.

The reason she chose this major was that she admired other people who did creative work. Never regret being a loyal fan of you :) Hopefully after Yong Apl ended, you will take a next step in your relationship with Rain. @[email protected] You hav awesome performance in Yongpal unni :) hope u'll grab awards coz ur really great in ur character Han Yeo Jin.

It is said that Rain and Kim Tae Hee plan to reveal the exact location to their managers on the day of the wedding.Rain usually would drive Kim Tae Hee’s car and drive her home, and then take a taxi back to his house.It was also said, that Rain and Kim Tae Hee spent last Christmas together.Additionally, the couple will be holding their wedding at a cathedral as Kim Tae Hee is known to be a devout Catholic.They are carefully planning an intimate wedding with family and close friends.

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