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There were whole episodes where I forgot he was even on the show.I don't know if it's a strategy or not, but so far he's just been coasting along, staying under the radar.He only barely missing being eliminated before David, who wasn't even on , he was just a fan of the show, and the only person he ever made out with was Donna, another fan of the show who was eliminated that same night even though Nick tried to save her.

In happier news, nation will soon welcome a wee one.

And I remember thinking, "This should exist for women".

I have to set the stage for you, on where I am in my life at this moment.

They chose Blakely and Tony, for which I'm extremely grateful as that team represented far too much sniveling and whimpering for my tastes. Please note that even in this part of the episode, Nick still hasn't appeared except in passing.

Now the remaining three couples go to the Palladium, where they meet the band Night Ranger and find out that, for their competition, each pair will have to learn and perform the song ‘Sister Christian' in front of a live audience.

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