Did dwayne wade dating star jones

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It's been one whole day since news broke that Star Jones filed for divorce from Al -- and already Star is being linked to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

The two were recently spotted together at a Miami-area tennis tournament, which probably means they're in love and soon to be married.

Wade: “(laugh) I’ve been waiting to address this..” Wade: “We’re friends just like a lot of celebrities..

Wade you are officially the Ashton Kutcher of basketball.

Perhaps theres something else going behind the scenes.

Maybe he's a little heart broken and she's been talkin with him about it.

Media Take has the scoop: According to a person affiliated with the Miami Heat organization, Star Jones has been picking up Dwayne [sic] after most of their recent home games.

The insider told Media Take Out.com, "[Dwayne’s] teammates are even joking around with him about it.

Either you’re the victim of one of the cruelest rumors of the modern era, or you’re actually involved with the former face of a show so bad that I was forced to read a book.

We're thankful that Dwyane Wade isn't really dating Star Jones, as had been previously rumored.

And we're impressed that the Miami Heat guard has reportedly moved in with actress Gabrielle Union.

They say he has to watch his back - cause Al’s gonna get him.” Dwayne Wade was on tonight’s TNT Halftime show of the Detroit-Philly game.

In the middle of Charles Barkley joking about Andre Iguodala needing a 1-5000 jump shot summer and Dwayne Wade’s take on how bad Philly was getting beat, laughter broke out in the studio.

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