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Filed under: About the Internet, Academia, Current Affairs (US), Current Affairs (World), Digital divide (developed countries),journalism, Online media, Positive uses of technology,problems with technology, Weblogs at am As an media scholar and journalist with an interest in the digital divide, I have long believed that one of the things that media outlets could do a lot better is using their higher profile to give a voice to ‘ordinary people’ who have something to say.I also believe that one of the things that Facebook like other news intermediaries should be trying to do is increase ideological diversity in their feeds.Reid Hoffman, founder of Linked In, encouraged Joi to explore the idea of a Disobedience Award, providing 0,000 to fund an award for responsible, ethical disobedience.Given the opportunity, we knew we’d have a wealth of candidates.

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Last update November 14th 2014 Are you confused about how often to update your blog? Creating new blog updates and blog post scheduling seems to worry new bloggers more than anything else.

It's something I've experimented with a lot, and you'll probably need to experiment with it too, because we're all different with varying time constraints and writing abilities.

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