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Though I wasn’t the one dishing out the advice, something about being so up close and personal with these deep longings and curiosities of strangers’ souls (and libidos) made me think about the Dear Abbys and Ann Landers of the world - and the rather weighty mantels on their shoulders.Offering advice to desperate people who have nowhere else to turn is no small thing.She was known as advice maven Dear Abby, a persona she invented well over a half-century ago.

Aim: Practice reading, writing, and pronunciation with special focus on giving advice Worried about Love Dear ...: I don't know what to do!"She was wonderful -- an amazing, charismatic, caring, caring woman.She loved and had a deep concern for other people."Phillips, of Los Angeles, says her mother taught her about human nature and "not to be too judgmental because we're all human."Phillips has been at her mother's bedside the past week.When Howard was just a senior in college, she met her first husband. "Do not ask me why because I could not tell you." She proceeded to ignore a lot of red flags, including a drinking problem and the fact that he was a cold fish.In hindsight, she describes him as "an unattractive Prince Charles." That should tell you about how well their marriage turned out. Her parents begged her not to marry him, but she was 21, and no one was going to tell her what to do.

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